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eBook Publishing in iTunes New iBook Store!

Lawson Music Media is very excited to announce its new publishing relationship with Apple, Inc on their new iBook Store, part of the iconic, industry-changing iTunes application responsible for selling over a billion songs to consumers, along with TV shows, movies and other digital media.

“The iBook Store on iTunes is a game-changer for the publishing business, especially for small publishing houses like Lawson Music Media, and of course, its larger clients.” says LMM founder, Mike Lawson. “I purchased an iPad on release, and simply paging through the eBook that came with it, Winnie the Pooh, showed a seriously exciting new way to read books. I had the kind of epiphany for books I had when I first put downloadable songs online for CompuServe in 1992. I could tell that this was going to change everything.”

Its an exciting time to be in the publishing industry!

We’ve published titles with:

Lawson Music Media Signing Authors for eBook Imprint.

We’re wide open to great ideas.

We’re not limiting ourselves to music and media how-to titles, if you’ve got a great idea for a short how-to title or full length work of fiction or non-fiction, let us know. We are specifically interested in short books that concisely cover a subject in enough detail to bring real value to the reader for a value price. Our niche target is $4.99 and under, creating how-to topics covering all manner of topics that are easily digestible and solve a how-to problem for the reader in clear, simple terms.

Our new eBook deals are simple.

You deliver the text, graphics and anything else needed to complete the title (audio/video files can be included). We’ll edit it, do the layout and design for the cover and interior files, proof-read it, get it into the sales channels and then split the net sales we receive as high as 50/50 with the authors.  This leaves authors free to write and concentrate on what they do best, while we do what we do best, and each fairly shares in the success.  The copyright for the works will remain with the author, with the eBook rights belonging to us as long a we keep it in print and offer it for sale through normal sales channels.

Sound interesting? Let’s talk!

If you’ve got a great idea, please get in touch using the Contact Page information. Thanks!

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